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If there is one thing we want influencers (and all freelancers, entrepreneurs and small business owners) to take away from this podcast episode, this is it:

Get it in writing. Every single time.

Every. Single. Time.

If the other party doesn’t offer you a contract to sign, it’s perfectly appropriate to request one or to be proactive and volunteer a contract of your own. You can download our Content Sponsorship Contract or Independent Contractor Contract to get started.

Easier said than done, you may be thinking. We understand that legalese can sometimes feel like a different language, one that is designed to confuse and ensnare. And what is omitted from a contract can be just as important as what has been included— a daunting realization for someone who doesn’t have the experience to know what they should be looking for.

Contracts are far too important to be intimidated by. Let’s work on translating that legalese so that you understand what you’re signing, before you sign.

In this episode of the Businessese Influencer Marketing podcast, we detail what influencers, brands, networks and agencies need to know when drafting or reading influencer marketing contracts. Any such contract should address, at minimum, these components:

Want a written list to refer back to? Bookmark these posts for later:

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Don’t ever just sign a contract that you’re uncertain about or unhappy with, hoping for the best. Contracts are intended to protect both parties, and you can be confident the other party already has their interests covered. Why would you not ensure your interests, your content and your business are similarly protected?

When in doubt, we strongly recommend hiring a lawyer to review a contract for you (yes, this is a service that we offer through our firm, Hashtag Legal) or to negotiate better terms.

Listen in as we deconstruct the essential elements of influencer marketing contracts. What further questions do you have? Drop them in our private Facebook group, Businessese HQ.

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