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You did it! You landed that blog campaign and negotiated your price. You took the time to understand the clients’ goals, translated that information to create targeted killer content, kicked up buzz with your social media shares. You’re feeling pretty good about a job well done (and you should).

But if you really want to make an impression and leave the door wide open for future collaborations, your work here isn’t done yet. Go ahead and get excited, because this is your time to shine.

We’ve done a lot of campaigns with networks and influencers, and we can say with confidence that reporting is a critical part of every one of them. Every campaign has a goal, and reporting demonstrates how and to what extent those goals were met.

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Whether you are working directly with a brand or through a network, campaign reporting is your chance to showcase and quantify your results, as well as highlight your level of professionalism. A report requires only a small time investment, but leaves a lasting impression— not to mention, having those reports on hand will help lend weight to your next pitch!

So now, the question is: what exactly should go into that all-important campaign report?

This is week three of our four part series, 4 Marketing Tools Every Influencer Needs, and we’re doing a deep dive into campaign reporting for influencers:

Need more help? Check out our mini-course, Closing Strong. We supply templates, instructional video, and a sample report for inspiration. All you have to do is add the content and the analytics.

Our last installment in this series is on its way! Get ready to talk case studies.

Until then, let us know your campaign reporting questions in our private Facebook group, Businessese HQ.

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