We interrupt your regular podcasting topic schedule…

We know, you were waiting with bated breath and barely-concealed glee for the last segment in our series on 4 Marketing Tools Every Influencer Needs, and we’re so very sad to disappoint you.

However, since our podcasts drop on Thursday mornings and this particular Thursday is Thanksgiving, we decided to interrupt our planned podcasting schedule and release a quick, fun episode first. (Good things come to those who wait, we promise! Get excited about case studies!)

Now that we’re 10 episodes in, we’re starting to get the hang of this podcasting thing! So for our special holiday Episode 11, our producer interviews us about how the podcast is going so far: our general insights on getting a podcast up and running, what’s been intimidating or hard to nail down, and where we hope to take the Business Influencer Marketing Podcast in the future.

We hope you find it equal parts interesting and informative (and perhaps an inspiration to take the plunge yourself).

As an added bonus— and because we’re so thankful for you for coming along for the ride— we’ve included a very special discount code in this week’s podcast. Listen carefully for your chance to save 40% on an unlimited number of forms, contracts or courses from the Businessese store!

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