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When we began this podcast, we wanted to make sure we addressed the issues we typically see— and questions we’re frequently asked— when it comes to influencer marketing and the legalities that surround it. Soon after launch, we did a series covering a broad range of legal topics that affect influencers:

6 common legal mistakes made in the influencer marketing world
Essential elements of influencer marketing contracts
Intellectual property: trademarks and copyright
Disclosure and the FTC

For this pre-holiday episode, we wanted to get a little more specific. We invited the members of our private Facebook group for influencers and online entrepreneurs, Businessese HQ, to ask us anything— any lingering questions they might have about the legalities of their online business that we hadn’t addressed thus far.

As a result, we’re really excited to bring you this week’s episode of the Businessese Influencer Marketing Podcast! It’s chock full of the timely questions and influencer marketing legal concerns that you wanted answered.

We drill down to the nitty gritty and talk about:

Bookmark these for further reading:
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How to License Your Content for Republication
How to Negotiate Exclusivity in Blogger Contracts
Intellectual Property: All about Copyright

Listen in and drop any more questions you have in Businessese HQ! We’d love to do more Ask Us Anything episodes.

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