Tiffany Romero

As they establish their online business and begin to monetize their website and social channels, many bloggers and influencers opt to join influencer networks— agencies that connect influencers to brands, handling the lion’s share of the details so content creators can focus on creating content.

Predictably, one of the questions we see most at this stage is: how do I get chosen for campaigns?

Obviously the answer will vary depending on the network, the campaign requirements, your niche and the type of content you produce, but there are some common denominators. To help us ferret those out and address other questions we’ve seen pertaining to finding success with influencer networks, we’ve turned to Tiffany Romero.

For those who have been in this space for some time, the name Tiffany Romero is nearly synonymous with the concept of influencer networking. Tiffany was instrumental in helping bloggers connect with each other and grow their readership during those early stages of blogging— she founded Bloggy Boot Camp and The SITS Girls in 2008, growing it to 90,000 members, prior to being acquired by Sway Group in 2014. She’s now the President of Sway Group, one of the most well-known influencer marketing agencies in the country.

Tiffany is a well-known voice in the influencer marketing community and we are so excited to have her on the show! Join us as we discuss:

Get your voice set. Know who you are. Be really clear in who you are.

-Tiffany Romero

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