25: Hiring and Growing Your Team with Shelli Warren

hiring and growing your team

You’ve started your own business, and it’s doing well. Better than well, actually! You have more work to do than you have hours in the day.

It’s a good problem to have.

Only, you don’t spend as much time you like pitching new opportunities to grow your business. Or maybe you’ve actually had to turn down some exciting, lucrative offers because you simply already have too much on your plate.

Maybe you’re worried about burning out, because you’re spending all your time dealing with the minutiae of your business and not the strategy of your business.

Sounds like it’s time to grow your team and hire the help you need, so that you can turn your attention to the tasks that will bring in more revenue and take your business to the next level! It’s a thrilling turning point in your entrepreneurial career, but it can also be pretty scary to take that leap and relinquish the control you’ve had over all the aspects of your business up until this point.

The tasks that are really bringing in those high profits, that’s where you need to be. Not dealing in the day to day, hundred dollar tasks.

-Shelli Warren

Allow us to introduce you to Shelli Warren. Shelli recently left the corporate world after more than 25 years of people development experience with Procter & Gamble Inc., leading virtual teams on a global scale and developing a reputation for knowing how to stack a team well. Shelli provides high-performing employees, ambitious entrepreneurs, and corporations elite services for those who are ready to thrive by designing their dream career and their dream team.

In this action-packed episode of the Businessese Influencer Marketing Podcast, Shelli shares her extensive expertise in the process of successfully hiring and growing your team. Listen in and you’ll hear:

  • tips to help you decide when it’s time to expand your team, and what to do next
  • the role to hire for first (and the hire many entrepreneurs kick themselves for not making sooner)
  • where to start your search and how to identify the best candidates
  • the types of interview questions to ask to determine the best fit for you
  • how to let go of control
  • how to attract top notch talent to want to work with you, and the key words to use when crafting your job listings
  • one essential question to ask candidates for virtual positions
  • andย what to do during onboarding, to make sure things move smoothly.

We hope this episode gives you the information and inspiration you need to grow your team and your business!

Thoughts, questions, stumbling blocks? Tell us (and Shelli!) all about them in Businessese HQ.

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