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Just a few episodes ago, we discussed how we are growing and scaling our business. In that episode, we spoke pretty frankly about the failures we’ve experienced along the way (let’s call them “growth opportunities”). While we think it’s really important to share and learn from the hardships we all face as business owners, we also think it’s crucial to define, share and celebrate the successes.

For our 30th episode of the Businessese Influencer Marketing Podcast (amazing, our podcast is all grown up!) our producer, Don Jackson, quizzes us about:

Don also shares some food for thought with his definition of business success, Danielle narrows down her favorite podcasts, and Jamie unveils a shocking opinion about candy.

How do you define business success? What have been your best successes so far in 2018, and how do you celebrate them? Join us in Businessese HQ as we raise a virtual toast to our business accomplishments.

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