embracing your inner salesperson with Nikki Rausch

If you are in this mindset of  ‘I don’t want to have to sell anything,’ you’re kind of saying ‘I don’t want to make any money.’

~Nikki Rausch

Uncomfortable with the idea of coming across as “sales-y?”

Why? When did the concept of selling take on such a negative connotation?

The fact is, if you want people to buy, you’re in the business of selling. And when your product or service solves a customer’s problem or fulfills a need, that’s definitely a positive thing. You’re not being pushy; you’re helping to make lives easier or better.

This week on the Businessese Influencer Marketing Podcast, Nikki Rausch joins us to discuss embracing the fact of selling and how to sell successfully and authentically. Founder and CEO of Sales Maven, an organization dedicated to authentic selling, Nikki Rausch has 24+ years of experience in sales and a unique ability to transform the misunderstood process of “selling.” She works with entrepreneurs, business owners, and organizations, offering group, one-on-one, and self guided coaching on the relationship side of selling. Nikki’s books Buying Signals: How to Spot the Green Light & Increase Your Sales and Six-Word Lessons on Influencing with Grace are excellent resources for those unable to attend her live speaking engagements, coaching groups, or workshops.

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

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Nikki’s website, Sales Maven
Nikki’s books: Buying Signals: How to spot the green light and increase sales and Six-Word Lessons on Influencing with Grace
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