business acquisition

Maybe you’ve been blogging since forever and the fire just isn’t there anymore. You’re ready to close up shop, but hate for the brand you’ve established and content you’ve created to fade away into nothing.

Maybe you’ve created a killer app or website. It’s fantastic, but you’re not so into the whole maintenance and monetization thing. You know that it could be so much more, but what you enjoy is the building.

In both cases, you could hire a team to carry on with the day to day necessities. Or, you could position your company for acquisition: selling your business and using the proceeds to move forward and fund your next passion project.

This week on the Businessese Influencer Marketing Podcast, we’re so excited to welcome Eric Nagel of Rust Built, a digital marketing agency that also acquires other businesses and assets (for example, the Type-A Parent Conference and Resourceful Mommy). If you’ve considered selling your business— or acquiring one— you need to hear Eric discuss:

Don’t rush into anything. There are plenty of opportunities out there.

-Eric Nagel

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The Rust Built website
Get in touch with Eric: email, @ericnagel onTwitter or @ericnagel716 on Instagram
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