What does it really mean to be authentic, to inspire others, to live your purpose?

What is the way that only you can have a positive impact on others’ lives?

And how do you do that while still making a living?

Finding your purpose for leading others all comes back to reframing your life story, connecting the dots.

-Annie Spano

To help us dig into those questions, we’re joined this week by Annie Spano, Style Collective founder and CEO. After years of being bullied and harassed by a woman at her corporate job, Annie created Style Collective to be a digital sisterhood where women could instead be inclusive, working together to lift each other up, meet their goals and achieve success. Style Collective is now the largest online platform for education and community dedicated to supporting and empowering female fashion and lifestyle influencers.

In this episode, Annie discusses:

Sit down, do the work and look at the experiences that you have gone through in your life and try to tie them together to figure out how you can make an impact in other people’s lives.

We think this episode will have a real impact on you— we hope it inspires you to get out there, live your purpose and tackle your next big thing! Let us know what you think in Businessese HQ.

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True North: Discover Your Authentic Leadership by Bill George