We hear so often that people find negotiation to be scary— often fueled by a fear of rejection or looking foolish, an unshakable imposter syndrome, or a tendency to shy away from confrontation of any kind. These are fairly common fears in entrepreneurs, particularly women, and they can absolutely hold you back from achieving your potential.

It doesn’t have to be this way! Keep in mind that negotiation means collaboration, not confrontation; the objective is to arrive at a compromise that benefits and protects both parties.

In this episode of the Businessese Influencer Marketing Podcast, we’re hoping to change the way you think about negotiating, and help you to start developing the skills you need to negotiate partnerships that are more productive, lucrative, and protective.

Tune in to hear us discuss:

Remember that “failures” are just practice and that practice makes perfect. The more you’re willing to negotiate, the more you’ll remove fear as a factor— and improved confidence will only work in your favor!  Understand the value you provide, and be ready to negotiate for what you’re worth.

As always, we’re ready for your questions and tips! Let’s dig into negotiation tactics over in Businessese HQ.

Downloadable workbook on the phases of negotiation
Contract templates

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