It’s so hard to believe that we’ve managed to record and publish 50 WHOLE EPISODES of the Businessese Influencer Marketing Podcast. In that time we’ve become very familiar with our verbal tics, learned so much about the process of podcasting and interviewing, been lucky enough to talk to an array of amazing and inspirational guests, and received a ton of new book recommendations to add to our to-read pile.

It’s also been a fast moving year in the influencer space, with changes in privacy regulations, disclosure policies, SEO best practices and attitudes around follower counts vs authentic engagement.

In this episode, we’re celebrating 50 and feeling fine! Listen in as we discuss our ten favorite episodes and take a look back at the lessons we learned from each:

    1. 1% Infinity: Next Level Food Blogging with Bjork Ostrom
    2. Word of the Year: Reflecting on 2017, Ready for 2018
    3. Hiring and Growing Your Team with Shelli Warren
    4. The Financial Side of Your Online Business with Cathy Derus
    5. Invest in Your Self: Mindset Matters with Queirra Fenderson
    6. Monetizing with Affiliate Marketing with Angel Djambazov
    7. Selling or Acquiring a Business with Eric Nagel
    8. Monetization Tips for Influencers with Jenny Guy
    9. Creating Authentic Sponsored Content with Patrick Quinn
    10. Growing and Leveraging Facebook Groups with Brandi Riley

Hot tip: don’t miss the end, we have a special treat for you with a delightful blooper reel.

Be sure to join us in Businessese HQ as we pass around some virtual celebratory cupcakes and champagne! We’re so grateful to have had your company along the way and we can’t wait for the big 1-0-0.