We’re opening up conversations about diversity and race more than ever online, and yet it can seem like these topics are as difficult to navigate as they’ve ever been. We know that we want to advocate for change, but what does it mean to truly be an ally? When is it best to speak up and use our respective platforms and when should we sit down and listen?

We’re so pleased to have Certified Transformational Coach Hope McGrath on the podcast to discuss this important topic. A multi-passionate entrepreneur, Hope combines her love of social consciousness, psychology, spirituality, wellness, fashion, and culture into her work. Her lifestyle platform Radiant Mix celebrates diversity from the mixed, multiracial experience through the lens of culture, style, parenting, and storytelling. Propelled by the current political climate, Hope created Radiant Mix as her way to talk about bringing racial dynamics together. She’s also a board member of her family’s non-profit organization, H2 Empower, that enhances education and sustainable development in Africa.

People that are one culture, they can have the richness of that culture. But when you’re of two or three cultures, you kind of flow between cultures, and that’s a different storyline. So I think that’s what I’m interested in talking about.

-Hope McGrath

Hope is co-hosting an international wellness retreat called the Tropical Transformation Wellness Retreat November 7th-12th in the mountains of Colombia. (Contact her using the email address in the resource list below and mention Businessese to receive a very special deal of 20% off your registration for the retreat!)

In this episode, you’ll hear:

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Contact Hope: info@radiantmix.com
@radiantmix on Instagram
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