money lessons

We need to talk about money.

We know, it’s awkward. Money can be very taboo to talk about; people tend to tiptoe around the topic, shrugging off questions about profits and expenses, tensing up when it’s time to state their rates. But as an industry, it’s vital to share our experiences— both the mistakes and the triumphs— so that that we collectively learn, grow and move forward.

With the “Unlock the Mystery” series we’re opening up the conversation about exactly how people make their money and where they struggle. We hope to help you, our listeners, to get to the root of your relationship with money so you can really get out of your own way and finally reach your earning potential.

To kick things off, we’re getting personal: talking frankly about the money lessons we’ve learned as they apply to our businesses, our lives and what we have seen clients encounter. Listen in as we discuss:

Let’s get this dialogue going! What are your ingrained money issues, and how do you deal with them? Join us over in Businessese HQ for discussion, advice and support from your fellow digital entrepreneurs. (Bonus: it doesn’t cost you a thing.)

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