In our “Unlock the Mystery” series, we’re opening up the conversation about exactly how people make their money and where they struggle to help you get to the root of your relationship with money and reach your own earning potential.

When I use my voice I give other people permission to use theirs… when I ask for the money I’m worth I make it easier for other women to ask for the money that they are worth.

-Alexia Vernon

As this week’s guest points out during our interview, everything has a communication component. It’s a huge advantage to be able to clearly articulate when it comes to any goal— particularly when it comes to finances and negotiation.

Ask for what you want. Get what you’re worth.

We’re so excited to have Alexia Vernon join us to talk about using your voice, and how it ties into your relationship with money. Alexia is the author of Step into Your Moxie: Amplify Your Voice, Visibility, and Influence in the World and creator of The Spotlight Speaker Accelerator and Spotlight Speakers Collective speaker coaching programs. She was dubbed a “Moxie Maven” by President Obama’s White House Office of Public Engagement for her potent approach to women’s empowerment, and has delivered transformational keynotes and corporate training for Fortune 500 companies and professional associations, spoken at the United Nations, and delivered a TEDx talk on the future of feminism. A sought-after women’s speaking and leadership coach, Alexia teaches her clients how to use public speaking to grow their businesses and amplify their thought leadership, honing in on the “big idea” that is center to their work so they can create their signature talk that garners visibility in front of their ideal clients.

Listen in as Alexia discusses:

We need opportunities to flex those disruptive muscles so that when we get into a position where suddenly success is predicated on advocating for our self, advocating for more money, it’s not the first time we’re trying to do that for ourselves.

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