Who doesn’t love a subscription box? Whether you received a subscription as a gift or if you subscribed as a gift to yourself, it’s exciting to have that box arrive in your mailbox and to reveal the surprises inside. This particular business model has been booming: the market has grown by 890% since 2014, and 2017 saw a 10% increase over the year before.

We’re so happy to have Kelly Pugliano on the podcast this week to talk about launching a successful subscription box business. Kelly is an entrepreneur, speaker, award winning writer and photographer, and the founder of Eat Picks. Inspired by her love of farmers’ markets and her desire to help support small businesses and local artisans, Kelly founded Roost Crate, a subscription service curating unique, thoughtful, creative artisan gifts.

I decided that at that stage in my life I needed to pursue my own dream rather than supporting someone else’s.

-Kelly Pugliano

Tune in to learn about:

Plus, one super helpful tip for taking professional-looking photos with your phone.

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