We like alliteration. Can you tell?

Now that we’ve wrapped up our Unlock the Mystery series, which pulled back the curtain on how bloggers and influencers make their money, we’re kicking off a new set of themed episodes! Candid Conversations continues to be a behind the scenes look at online businesses, but this series will dive into the questions we most frequently see asked (or those we are asked ourselves) when it comes to influencer marketing.

Inspired by a session Jamie recently attended at the Social Fresh social marketing conference, this week we’re covering keeping your content creative.

Producing content that’s fresh and engaging on a regular basis is challenging. Factor in that you want what you’re producing to be sustainable and authentic— to be interesting to you personally, reflecting your mission and values without becoming repetitive— while also meeting your audience’s particular needs, and it’s easy to see how influencers and brands alike can struggle to find new angles and avoid burnout.

In this episode, we talk about some of the questions raised at that Social Fresh session, as well as our own struggles creating content for our podcast and tips we’ve picked up along the way. Listen in as we discuss:

and more, including a little confession from Danielle.

How do you keep your content creative? Bounce on over to Businessese HQ: we’d love to hear your tips.

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