Being that February’s theme here at FearLess is CHANGE, what better way to dive deep into the idea than to discuss one of the biggest changes that can occur in a business – breaking up with your business partner.

A lot has happened for Jamie in the last month and in this episode, she’s sharing her story about the time – not so long ago – when she and her business partner, Danielle, sat down and came to a mutual agreement to end their partnership.   Jamie talks about the process, how planning at the beginning of the partnership made a huge difference in the end and how respect and communication were the keys to an amicable split.

We can’t forget the feelings! With such a big change, came a mix of emotions: fear, overwhelm, and excitement (a la Jessie Spano).


Never fear, though, Mary helped Jamie through the process and managed to convince her data is sexy?

It is! We swear! Mary discusses how tracking the proper data in any business will help you get a better understanding of what’s really going on. As a service-based business owner and being heavily referral based, Jamie was able to see what made the most sense to her and how the data shared was helping her. The numbers show you the proof you need – all thanks to a spreadsheet and data analysis from Mary!

After discussing the data, it made Jamie feel she had control over a process that felt out of control at times. As you listen, you’ll realize that all this wonderful talk about data could really be another episode down the line – so stay tuned!

Be sure to check back with us in two weeks, where we will have entered March and will tackle a new theme: VISIBILITY.

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