If you’ve been on the fence about doing speaking engagements but are looking for advice and first-hand experience from those who already speak, this episode is for you! Plus, you’re in for a special treat because Producer Don appears as a special guest to interview Jamie and Mary.

Our conversation today showcases two sides of the speaking engagements journey. Jamie shares her experience speaking in front of large audiences on behalf of her law firm, Hashtag Legal, including her most recent engagement at the WIT Summit. Mary, while earlier in her journey, shares what it is like to speak on panels and how she is fine-tuning her message that surrounds leaving corporate and building her product business, Brief Transitions.

To start, no matter what stage of the speaking engagement journey you’re on, you need a topic. What factors must you think about before you decide on something to talk about – while also avoiding speaker fatigue (same topic, different day)? This usually goes hand and hand with the reasoning behind why you want to speak. Ask yourself – what is the goal of it all? Jamie and Mary share their reasons and offer insight into other areas such as pitching, why you don’t need to sell when you’re on stage, and why it’s essential to know your audience.

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