What drives someone to be your customer? The answer: a connection.

This connection is what gets a person to say yes to your brand vs. a competitor’s, and what should help guide you when you build your branding for your business.

Our guest today, Ali Craig, believes that branding is a deeply personal experience and is an expert in Neuro-Human Branding®. Her main focus is making sure that a brand isn’t just logistically on point, but more importantly shares the story and creates that human connection because that’s what keeps your customers loyal to you.

Where does one start when it comes to branding? When does a rebrand occur and what does it look like? These questions are answered in today’s episode, along with many other insights that will help bring you and your audience together!

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Find Ali Craig here:

Website: https://www.alicraig.com/

Facebook: @thealicraig

Instagram: @thealicraig


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