The definition of Human Resources (HR) is all things that involve employees and quite frankly, it can be a scary couple of words for some small business owners!

Luckily, our guest today from HR Answers is Niki Ramirez. Her goal is to demystify HR and make it an area that is more comfortable for business owners. She makes things like hiring, managing, growing, training, terminating, etc – a little less scary! 

In the episode, we talk about what it looks like hiring your first employee, which includes things like putting together the perfect job description and throwing together an employee handbook. We also chat about another uncomfortable topic when it comes to having a team – providing feedback to employees. 

Are you ready to create or build upon the HR side of your business? Niki generously shared resources and samples for you to use as you navigate these topics.

Please join us in the HQ to continue the conversation!

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