Episode 85: FearLess Founder: Erin Carpenter of Nude Barre

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Welcome to this month’s feature in the FearLess Founders series!


Today we’re talking with Erin Carpenter, the Fearless Founder of Nude Barre! Nude Barre is a fashion company offering eco-friendly intimates made in 12 shades of nude to match every skin tone. 


Erin has seen it all! She worked as a performer and constantly ran into the struggle many performers see every day. There was a requirement to wear nude tights and undergarments, but no shades to match her skin tone. 


Erin saw the problem, and instead of continuing to struggle, she decided to do something about it! 


It was a 2 year journey that involved long hours, learning lessons, and a whole lot of navigating the entrepreneurial world, but here she is today with her garments popping up all over the place! She gained her following organically by reaching out to celebrities like Wendy Williams and sending her samples out for people to try. 


She recently went from bootstrapping all of her funding, to applying for and winning a pitch competition to get funded by Serena Williams and Bumble!  


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Find Erin Carpenter here:

Website: https://nudebarre.com/ 

Instagram: @nudebarre & @_erincarpenter_

Facebook: @NudeBarre

Twitter: @NudeBarre

LinkedIn: Erin Carpenter



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