Who is out here podcasting it up?! Who wishes they were but keeps hesitating?


Today we’re talking with Angie Trueblood, Podcast Visibility and Outreach Specialist! Angie is a pro at helping entrepreneurs and podcasters, in general, grow their audience by positioning them in front of other audiences full of their ideal clients


Angie knows it all when it comes to pitching her clients to the most relevant podcasts to their niche and getting them on as guest expert speakers!  


In this interview, we ask Angie some questions to get down and dirty with pitching the podcast! 

> Why would someone want to be on someone else’s podcast?

> How do you know where to start? Who to pitch?

> How do you know what to pitch?


And even more… what NOT to do! Find out some of the common mistakes that will cause a podcaster to pass over your pitch. 


Are you pitching podcasts? Let us know how it’s going!


Please join us in the HQ to continue the conversation!


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Find Angie Trueblood here:

Website: https://www.angietrueblood.com 

Podcast: https://www.angietrueblood.com/podcast

Services: https://www.angietrueblood.com/services/

Free Download: https://www.angietrueblood.com/free-visibility-workflow/ 

Facebook: Angie Trueblood



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