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Today we’re talking with Meenal Lele, the Fearless Founder of Lil Mixins! Lil Mixins is a company that is helping parents reduce their baby’s risk of developing food allergies safely, with real food!


Meenal has walked the life of a parent of a child with multiple food allergies for many years now. When her second son was born, she wanted to do something to help prevent him from living a life with food allergies.


Meenal was equipped with a plan to stop food allergies before they started!


It took a little bit of trial and error and a lot of tenacity, but Meenal was able to get her business up and running on her own! She found mentors to talk to and loves to ask all the right questions to all the right people.  


She is determined to get the truth out there for parents through our healthcare environment. She doesn’t want to just throw a bunch of numbers at people either. Meenal is determined to make it make sense for parents everywhere! 


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Find Meenal Lele of Lil Mixins here:

Website: https://lilmixins.com

Instagram: @lilmixins

Facebook: @LilMixins

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