Geeking Out: The Inside Scoop from a How I Built This Fellow

Have you ever went to an event, and totally just geeked out at all the information you were taking in?!


This was Mary last month when she attended NPR’s How I Built This Summit as a 2019 Fellowship recipient. 


She got to meet some entrepreneur world celebs and listen to them all tell their stories of how they built their companies!  


Mary will tell us all about:

> How she got to go to the summit through a fellowship

> What the summit was all about

> Some amazing quotes from several of the speakers

> Her main takeaways


If you could meet any entrepreneur, who would it be? 


Please join us in the HQ to continue the conversation!


Meet NPR’s How I Built This 2019 Fellows here!


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Find Mary here:


Instagram: @brieftransitions

Facebook: @BriefTransitionsforWomen


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