It’s All About The Money, Honey_ Plan Those Finances! - Danielle Hayden

Do you understand the current financial health of your business? But do you REALLY understand it?? To be able to stay up to date with your business’s finances, you have to know those numbers! 


This week we’re talking to Danielle Hayden from Kickstart Accounting and creator of the Profit Planner. She’s telling us all about what we need to know about our numbers and why it’s so important!  


Danielle is going to dive in and tell us more about these three super important first steps to business financial health:

> Personal vs Business banking

> Accounting software

> Running business and financial reports


It doesn’t stop there either! Danielle talks about a Financial Dashboard, paying yourself as the business owner and much more including an amazing freebie just for Fearless Founders listeners! 


Check out her offer of the first 3 weeks of her Profit Planner for free here!


We want to hear all about everyone’s goal setting and what you’re planning for 2020! 


Please join us in the HQ to continue the conversation!


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Tune in next week to hear about accountability groups and why you need them! 


Find Danielle here:


Instagram: @daniellehayden_oh

Facebook: @DanielleHaydenOH

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