A Love Letter to Accountability Groups

Who’s your person? We all have one. Or in this case, who are your people?? 


Accountability groups are so important to have in your life! They’re comprised of those people that just “get you”, they know exactly where you are in your journey and they are there solely to encourage and support you. 


This week Mary and Jamie are talking with their accountability partner Amanda Berlin. They will be diving feet first into all the aspects of accountability groups. A few topics they cover are:

> Accountability groups vs coaching

> Accountability group structure

> Important pieces to a successful group


You won’t want to miss this fun conversation with these three high energy ladies! Hear how well they work together and how they’ve managed a successful accountability group. 


Have you done an accountability group before? Did it work? Did it not work? Are you interested in starting one now? 


Let us know!


Please join us in the HQ to continue the conversation!


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Find Amanda here:

Website: www.amandaberlin.com 

Instagram: @amandagailberlin

Facebook: @amandaberlin


Find Jamie here:

Website: www.hashtag-legal.com

Instagram: @hashtag_legal

Facebook: @hashtaglegalllc


Find Mary here:

Website: www.thetransitionscollective.com & www.brieftransitions.com

Instagram: @thetransitionscollective @brieftransitions

Facebook: @thetransitionscollective @brieftransitionsforwomen


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