A Year in Review

It’s that time of year! The time for everyone to reflect back on the year they’ve had and look forward to the year ahead of us! 


Today Jamie and Mary will be talking about their year and answering these four questions regarding their businesses as well as for the FearLess Founder Podcast:

> What’s your biggest accomplishment in 2019?

> What’s something you wish you did better?

> What’s a lesson you learned this year?

> What’s something you want to change?


Listen in now to see what these ladies have to say about the year they’re wrapping up and the year that’s up ahead!


They’ll also be posting the above reflection framework in the HQ and would love to hear your thoughts about it and hear your answers as you reflect on this year! 


Please join us in the HQ to continue the conversation!


As always, please subscribe to the FearLess Business Podcast wherever you listen, and we are always eternally grateful for a review. 


Find Jamie here:

Website: www.hashtag-legal.com

Instagram: @hashtag_legal

Facebook: @hashtaglegalllc


Find Mary here:

Website: www.thetransitionscollective.com & www.brieftransitions.com

Instagram: @thetransitionscollective & @brieftransitions

Facebook: @thetransitionscollective & @brieftransitionsforwomen


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