Profitable Processes - Mary

This week, Mary goes solo with the topic of processes in your business. She spent 15 years in the corporate world, focusing her time on process improvements. 


All that’s to say that, she is no newbie to this subject.


She is going to talk about why having processes is critical to scaling your business. Because no processes = no successful scaling. She covers:

> Why are processes important?

> How can not having processes hurt your business?

> What’s an easy 5-step plan to get your processes in place?


This episode includes not only that plan, but also several helpful tips and tricks on how to get there! 


Please join us in the HQ and let us know if you currently have processes in place in your business and are they mapped out? Is this something you know you need to do and just haven’t done it yet? Or was this something that was completely off your radar until today? 


If you do have processes in place already, let us know if there is something different you do for your business that works better for you! 


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Additional resources:

Get the free workbook to create simple processes in your business. 

Read Mary’s most recent article in Thrive Global about how to efficiently schedule your time. 


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