Fearless Founder - Ronak Mehta - Nerdbugs

There isn’t always just one path for you to be on! 


Today Ronak Mehta will be talking to Mary today about how she was able to be working full time as a doctor and start an e-commerce business that had been on her mind for years! Ronak is still over here juggling these two paths with such power and motivation! 


After meeting Ronak at the How I Built This Summit (check out episode 89 to hear more about this awesome summit), Mary fell in love with the entire concept of Nerdbugs. The company aspires to take inquiring minds of all ages to an unprecedented exploration of human body functions!


Combining Ronak’s passion for medicine and her love for plush toys, this novelty line boasts handcrafted quality plush organs, intended to inform and educate kids and adults in science, inspiring them to adopt a healthy lifestyle!


Mary will be asking Ronak all the important questions and really diving in to find out:

> What made her decide to start Nerdbugs while also working fulltime as a doctor and what has it been like juggling the two?

> What has been the biggest challenge, and what has been the biggest surprise while building Nerdbugs?

> What is something she once feared in her business, but doesn’t fear anymore?


And much more!!


You won’t want to miss out on Ronak’s journey from doctor to e-commerce fearless entrepreneur! 


Which one is your favorite Nerdbug?




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Find Ronak here:

Website: https://nerdbugs.com 

Instagram: @thenerdbugs

Facebook: @nerdbugs


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