Forming a Non Profit - Natasha Nicholes


Urban farming. Most of us have heard the term, but what is it?


This week we will be talking to Natasha Nicholes whose passion lies with urban farming. She has spent many years taking back spaces in the “concrete jungle” and turning them into urban farms! 


Her passion grew so strong that she turned it into a non-profit: We Sow We Grow. Today Jamie is talking to Natasha about her non-profit and the steps involved in creating it!


Listen to this week’s episode to hear:
> When Natasha knew she needed to turn her passion into a 501(c)3.
> What the process of creating a 501(c)3 looked like.
> What was Natasha’s first “ask” for help.
> Fundraising avenues and opportunities
> Future We Sow We Grow goals


And much more, including Natasha’s one piece of advice to anyone who may be considering creating a 501(c)3 themselves! 


Please join us in the HQ and tell us about your experiences with non profits. Did you start your own, have you worked for one or have they helped you in some way?


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Find Natasha here:


Instagram: @wesowwegrow

Facebook: @Wesowwegrow


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