Renee Powers


How many of us have a subscription? This used to mean you likely received a magazine once or twice a month. But in today’s world, subscriptions cover just about every single thing you could want or need!


This week, we are talking to a Fearless Founder, Renee Powers. Renee dropped the PhD grind she had become so used to and shook life up! She now runs her own business: Feminist Book Club.  


Feminist Book Club is a subscription box for a monthly feminist book + 2 or more products. Subscribers read the book, then discuss it in a secret Facebook group each month. They also meet on video chat, and more recently they’ve even met in person!. On top of all that, they donate 5% of their revenue back to a feminist organization of their choice.


Jamie and Renee dive in and discuss the journey Renee went on to get where she is today. Some of the questions Jamie asks are:
> How did you navigate your thoughts and feelings when you realized it was time to take the leap?
> When and how did you make the decision to take your personal passion and turn it into a business?
> How do you deal with conflict of opinions in your subscription business?
> How do you handle situations that make you feel not so fearless?


And of course, the all-time classic question we have for our Fearless Founders:


> What is the one piece of advice that you would give your younger self?


Please join us in the HQ and let us know… What Fearless Founders do you want to hear from? We would love to know so we can interview the people you are dying to hear more about! 


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Find Renee here:


Instagram: @feministbookclubbox

Facebook: @feministbookclubbox

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