Finding Resilience - John Jantsch


What better time than now to strengthen your resilience? 


This week Jamie talks to John Jantsch, the author of The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur. His book is filled with 366 daily meditations to feed your soul while growing your business. He likes to avoid calling it a “how-to” book and prefers to refer to it as a “why-to” book. 


Listen to this week’s episode to hear what Jamie took away from the book, as they talk about the seasons of change. Jamie will be asking John some interesting questions, including:
> How’d you come up with this idea?
> How long did the writing process take and what did that look like?
> Did you have a team or anyone helping you write the book?


Tune in to hear all about resilience and how to strengthen yours! 


Please join us in the HQ and let us know how you stay resilient – especially these days!


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