Fearless Founder - Joy Hoover


We love our badass Fearless Founders – and today we are talking to one of these amazing leaders that’s paving the way. 


Joy Hoover joins Jamie today to talk about her non-profit: Cupcake Girls. But that’s not all. She will also be talking about her newest exciting venture: Local for All! AND she has a podcast to top it all off: Humans Who Give A Shit!


Joy’s non-profit is one with no agenda. Cupcake Girls has been operating for nearly a decade and was built to offer holistic resources and aftercare people being trafficked as well as people working in the adult industry. 


They currently have 200+ active case management clients and 47 client advocates who are all volunteers with trauma-informed training. The organization offers mental health resources, housing resources and never ever holds judgment. 


Jamie and Joy dive in and discuss the journey Joy went on to get where she is today. Some of the questions Jamie asks are:

> How did you start this amazing journey?
> How do you stay so upbeat and positive?
> How were you able to take your passion and turn it into such a powerful resource for others in need?
> How have you taken such a personal, in-person organization, and turned it virtual during this pandemic?


Joy also dives in to tell us about the amazing new venture: Local for All. This will be the holistic resource center she offers now, including all-encompassing services for her clients, and brings it all together to a one-stop-shop location. Coming soon to the Arts District in Downtown Las Vegas! 


Please join us in the HQ and share your happy stories with us! Is your community coming together? Which organizations are you supporting? Let’s spread some joy!


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Website: https://thecupcakegirls.org 

Donate to Local for All: https://local.funraise.org

Podcast: Humans Who Give A Shit  

Facebook: @cupcakegirlsorg 

Twitter: @CupcakeGirlsOrg 

Instagram: @cupcakegirlsorg

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