Fearless Founder - Ashley Hearon Smith 


Our latest FearLess Founder, Ashley Hearon Smith, is on the show today. Ashley has been in the entertainment industry for almost her entire life. She has always been a performer in some fashion. From dancing ballet at a young age, to working in film and production and then to being a professional actor herself. 


Her most recent work includes her own Instagram docuseries, HudsonCounty60 as well co-hosting the Scary Mommy Speaks Podcast and the Momtourage Podcast.


Listen to this week’s episode as Mary learns all about Ashley and how she created her own opportunities in order to lay the groundwork for where she wanted to be in life. They are going to cover:

> What made Ashley decide to create HudsonCounty60
> What surprised her about the process of hosting
> What experience prepared Ashley the most for where she is in her career today
> What are the differences between video and audio and the pros and cons of each (and she will give insight to which she prefers and why!)


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Find Ashley here:

Website: http://www.ashleyhearonsmith.com 

Podcast: https://www.momtouragepodcast.com 

Instagram: @ashhearonsmith & @momtouragepodcast

Twitter: @AshHearonSmith  


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