Kick Start Your Marketing Plan - Casey Gromer 


Marketing can feel like a four-letter word to some people in the business world. Yet, marketing is such a powerful tool to launch your business into the next level.


Today Jamie is talking with Casey Gromer from Wave Marketing. Casey is a fractional CMO and marketing integrator with over twenty years of experience leading teams and managing multi-million dollar marketing projects. She helps visionary leaders tie together their financial and operational goals through the development and implementation of customized marketing plans.


These ladies dive right on in and discuss some amazing marking tips to help businesses flourish. Some of the topics they cover are:

> The most common mistakes small business owners are making
> The customer journey. Where do you go once you get the customer?
> Some ways to understand the customer journey through data


How well is your marketing working? Casey has a free Marketing Checklist for you that will help you see where you stand with your marketing!


Please join us in the HQ and share one of your marketing tips with us! 


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