Demystifying Shopify - Danny Garg


Ready to sell online? Already selling online but would like to scale your business? You will want to tune into this week’s podcast! 


Mary is talking with Danny Garg of Valka Limited. Not only is Danny an entrepreneur, but he is also an e-commerce extraordinaire! He has successfully started and scaled two eCommerce businesses that have cumulatively generated over $2M in revenue. Danny has experience driving traffic through organic SEO, paid search and social all while creating experiences that engage and convert customers. He has a passion for optimizing businesses through process improvement and automation.


Listen in to hear Mary and Danny talk all things Shopify and more! He gives his top tips as well as sheds light on common mistakes he has seen people make when they first start out. Some of the many great questions Mary asks him are:

> What types of businesses should consider using Shopify?
> What are the benefits of using Shopify over other platforms and does Shopify have any downsides?
> COVID increased need to shop online – Are there any trends we should be taking advantage of for new or established businesses?


Please join us in the HQ so we can talk more about your e-commerce business. Do you have a Shopify store? Share your link with us here so we can learn more about all of your amazing products!


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Facebook: @valkayogaco


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