Mind Your Mindset


We are moving right along in 2020… right into August. The summer is full steam ahead and we’re just over here dodging hurricanes like it’s no big deal. 


This month we’re focusing on mindset. Today we start by defining what mindset means and specifically what it means to us. Like a lot of things, we tackle this topic from different perspectives. 


We also have a special surprise guest today! In this episode we chat about imposter syndrome, developing skills as you grow and stepping outside of your comfort zone. 


Stay tuned for more in the month of August:

> The in’s and out’s of the Enneagram

> Setting boundaries and the elusive work-life balance 

> The entrepreneurial mindset 

> And more! 


Please join us in the HQ! We want to hear all about mindset. How do you define mindset and what mindset issues do you face?


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