Dr Jay Chopra


In today’s episode, Mary talks with Dr. Jay Chopra, co-founder of Making Shift Happen. Jay is a former Fortune 100 executive, and is one of only a handful of master certified Whole Brain® facilitators globally. His insight on Whole Brain® thinking and the entrepreneur mindset is amazing. 


To get a visual to go along with this episode, check out the Whole Brain® Thinking Model here.


Mary and Jay go into depth on what Whole Brain® thinking is and how you can leverage your thinking preferences differently when you are working as part of a team vs when you are working as a solopreneur.


Some of the topics they discuss today are:

The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) which measures cognitive diversity

> What Whole Brain® thinking is and how can it help you in your business

> Why being triggered by others due to a personality difference is a good thing


Also, learn about Jay’s perspective on fear and find out something he used to fear in his business, but doesn’t anymore. 


Please join us in the HQ! We love Jay’s Irish accent. Let us know if you think Jamie and Mary have New Jersey accents.


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Find Dr. Jay Chopra here:


Website: https://makingshifthappen.ie/ 

LinkedIn: Jay Chopra

Facebook: @makingshifthappen.ie

Twitter: @Making_Shift





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