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Happy September! Back to school – whatever that looks like for everyone!


This leads us right into what we want to cover this month. We’ve chatted a bit about this before with Hilary Erickson in Episode 95: You Can Create a Course, and more and more people are offering a community as a part of a course they’re selling. But focusing on community, for the sake of community, hits it home in a different, more emotional, way.


Courses, memberships and communities are not as easy as some may think, but we’re hoping to be able to help ease the fear of the whole process.


Stay tuned for more in the month of September as we bring you experts to talk about:

> Selling courses

> Cultivating community

> Marketing your product

> And protecting your product! (Diving deeper into what we covered in Episode 79: So Have a Copycat)


Please join us in the HQ and tell us what has been the most valuable course you’ve taken. What communities and memberships are you a part of and just totally love? And if you have your own course, membership or community – share it with us so we can celebrate you!


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