Nicole Giordano - Making the Most of Memberships


Memberships are pretty popular these days. It may seem like an easy way to scale your business, but what goes on behind the scenes? Today we’re talking to Nicole Giordano, founder of Startup Fashion, an online community and resource helping thousands of global independent fashion designers with building their businesses.


Over the past 7 years, Nicole has built one of the industry’s most-read fashion business blogs and created the first business education hub specifically for independent designers, giving them a place to access an extensive library of resources, as well as connecting them with one another to share information and exchange ideas.


Mary and Nicole share a love for community and that makes for perfect chemistry during today’s conversation. Nicole talks about everything from tips to tech including: 

> Why someone may want to add a membership feature to their business

> The skills and characteristics required to be the leader of a community

> Common mistakes people make when beginning a membership community


Please join us in the HQ and share with us the memberships that you’re a part of!


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Find Nicole here:



Facebook: @startupfashion 





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