Jennifer Hutton of Building Allyship


Allyship is at the forefront of many of our minds. Many of us are asking the valid question: “What can we do to help?!” Today Jamie is talking with Jennifer Hutton of the membership community Building Allyship. She is working to help us all answer this very question! 


Jennifer is a pediatric physical therapist that works with the developmentally delayed population, as well as children with neurological and orthopedic diagnoses, both congenital and acquired. Jennifer loves to showcase her “pop stars” and share creative treatment ideas on Instagram (be sure to follow her there!). 


As a Black woman, Jennifer knows what it is like to identify as different, and it has helped in her quest to be an ally for children with disabilities inside and outside of the clinic. Now she is educating others on how to be effective allies to BIPOC and other marginalized communities through her membership program Building Allyship. Her mission for Building Allyship is to facilitate a space of connection, accountability, community learning, and to help others strengthen their voice and stance as allies in their own communities. 


Jamie and Jennifer talk all about Building Allyship and how it came to fruition. Some of the topics they cover are: 

> How Jennifer saw the need and made it her own

> How she made the decision that it was time to go out on her own

> Following signs vs setting goals

> The importance of community


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Find Jennifer here:


Instagram: @dr.jpop 

Facebook: @drjpop

Twitter: @drjpop 



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