Alexis Haselberger - Reclaim Your Time


Many of us have blurred the lines of time management. Especially while so many are trying to figure out how to balance time for work, time for family and time for ourselves… all in the same 4 walls. 


Today Mary talks with Alexis Haselberger from Do More, Stress Less. Alexis is a professional work-life balancer! She is a productivity and time management coach who helps people reclaim their time and manage to kill it with their work while maintaining healthy personal boundaries.


The ladies cover all things time management in this episode, including:

> Common mistakes people make when thinking about time management

> The difference between a list and a system

> The myth of multitasking and tips for “single-tasking”

> The importance of breaks


… And so much more! 


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Find Alexis here:


YouTube: Do More, Stress Less

Instagram: @do.more.stress.less

Facebook: @domorestressless


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