A Day In the Life of an Operations Director


Today Jamie talks with someone we’ve heard a lot about that’s usually behind the scenes: BreAnne Gillepsie, Director of Operations at Hashtag Legal!


BreAnne worked in the fashion industry for about 13 years when it became time for a career change. She was then introduced to Jamie by a mutual friend and the rest is history! The ladies talk about what BreAnne does as Operations Director, what it’s like to work directly with the founder of a company, and how she works with Jamie’s personality type as a visionary and founder. 


They go into more detail about: 

> BreAnne’s job responsibilities at Hashtag Legal and her favorite things to do

> How she stays organized in a company with many things going on

> Which tools she uses to stay organized

> Advice for a founder that needs all the help


Please join us in the HQ and tell us: What do you think of the operations role? Do you have someone in your business that handles operations?


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