Mary Beth Simon - Contingency Planning


This week we’re covering a topic many of us try not to think about, let alone dive into planning. Mary is talking all about contingency planning with Mary Beth Simon of Niche Partnership Consulting. 


Contingency planning is a difficult topic since many people don’t like to think about negative events that could happen in their lives. But as difficult as it is, planning for it is the smart way to go. 


Mary asks some important questions to help us better understand the topic and how planning would work. Some of these questions are:

> What holds people back from planning for the unexpected?

> Why do entrepreneurs need a contingency plan?

> How do you decide who should be your second in command and would the same person handle personal as well as business affairs?

> Where do you start?


… And so much more! 


Mary Beth is offering our listeners a free contingency planning kit. Just text the word “kit” to 33777 for a link to the kit!


Please join us in the HQ and let us know if you feel better about contingency planning and if you intend to get started planning! 


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