Dawn Foster - Learn to Love Your Marketing Data


Numbers don’t need to be overwhelming – but we can often find ourselves unsure where to start. 


This week Jamie talks with Dawn Foster from D. Foster Marketing. Dawn provides marketing and branding services to solopreneurs and small business owners. She steps in to act as their marketing director to help them craft and lead the execution of their marketing and branding initiatives.


So! What IS the key to marketing? Here Jamie asks all the important questions to find out and Dawn certainly shares some of her secrets! Find out where to start when you feel overwhelmed by marketing along with some answers to these great questions: 

> What were you doing prior to opening your own business and how did you end up starting your own business?

> What numbers should we be thinking about when it comes to marketing and what metrics should we be watching?

> Do you find that a strategy that works for an email list would be the same or similar to an audience on social media?

> What other marketing strategies do you see used outside of email marketing and social media?


Please join us in the HQ and share your own marketing strategies that work for you! 


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Find Dawn here:

Website: www.DFosterMarketing.com 

LinkedIn: Dawn P. Foster & D. Foster Marketing

Instagram: @dfostermarketing 

Facebook: D. Foster Marketing Consulting



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