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When it comes to contact management, moving over to using a CRM system can oftentimes feel like a big project. 


Today Mary talks to Stacie Sussman, the Chief Technology Officer of SSR Digital Group. Stacie is a leader in scaling SMEs and startups to grow their revenue through sales and marketing strategies that combine talent, tech automation, and operational tools to move at a very fast pace. She loves teaching her partners how technology can actually make your life easier and ultimately save you time. She’ll assess, advise, and tackle your company’s tech stack to create efficiency in your workflows and optimize your revenue growth. 


In this episode, Stacie breaks it down with integration tips, money saving tips, growth tips and so much more! We hear some of the common mistakes, but Stacie is really showing us that tech isn’t as scary as it seems! Some of the many great questions they cover today are:

> The basics: What is a CRM and how does it capture the contact’s information?

> Why would a service business need a CRM vs why would a product based business need one?

> Do your CRM needs change from when you first start out to when you’re a larger growing company?


Please join us in the HQ and let us know: Which CRM tool do you use? 


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Find Stacie here:


LinkedIn: Stacie Susan




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