Andrea Moxham - Maximize Your Virtual Sales Efforts


When you hear “sales” do you get excited or do you want to run and hide?


Today Jamie talks with Andrea Moxham, the Founder of Horseshoe + co, to cover all the bases of sales. Whether you are a pro or avoid it at all cost, this episode is for you! Andrea and her team are Hubspot consultants who help businesses get the most from Hubspot by aligning sales and marketing teams along with strategies to optimize their investment.


Not only does Andrea give us tips and tricks, she also shares more about:

> The right time to approach the sales process

> Advice for the now virtual sales process

> Hubspot and who needs it in their business


Please join us in the HQ and tell us, does sales make you cheer or cringe?


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Find Andrea here:


LinkedIn: Horseshoe Designs & Andrea Moxham 

Facebook: Horseshoe + co

Instagram: @horseshoeco

Twitter: Horseshoe + co   





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