As 2020 is rolling toward the end, Jamie and Mary wanted to come together and spend the month reflecting. More specifically, reflecting on all things leadership.


How did we rise to challenges this year? How did we handle situations that we’ve never experienced before? They dive in and take a look at leadership in a time of crisis.


The ladies want to take the time this month to think about what type of leader you are, how you show your leadership, and how you show up for your community. You don’t need to lead a team in your business, but there are other ways you can lead your community and those around you each day. 


Listen this week as they reflect on all things leadership, where they were and where they are now. Take a minute to reflect and look at how far you’ve come! 


Please join us in the HQ because we want to hear what other people think about leadership. How do you view leadership and do you view yourself as a leader?

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