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Most of us have heard of, and likely have, a Vision and a Mission for our company. But have you considered adding Purpose and Impact to this solid foundation?


Today Mary talks with Belma McCaffrey, a career and leadership coach and CEO/Founder of Work Bigger. Belma and her company help high achievers find their purpose and get clear on what they want to do with their lives and business. Because when you are able to connect with your customers based on values, you can grow your business in bigger ways. 


Mary and Belma cover some great areas about having a purpose. Belma explains how to build your company’s values and feel truly grounded. She also gives great insight in a lot of key areas including

> Vision, Mission and Purpose. What are the differences?

> Why is it so important to add in the purpose for your company?

> How much of this is internal to your company, and how much do you make public knowledge?

> How important is it to connect your growing team to your purpose?


And don’t miss out on her Free Values Exercise! You can download the workbook here!


Please join us in the HQ and share with us! We would love to hear about your Vision, Mission and Values for your company.

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Find Belma here:


Twitter: @workbiggerco 

LinkedIn: Work Bigger 

Instagram: @workbigger







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